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16/27 Transitioning into ME

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy airs July 5th-11th 



I have lived my life by others expectations, never fitting in, never being part of the team, never heard or seen. I am unique, I am me, and it has taken a life time to find me. There was always two sides to me, the confused obedient and trying to conform to please and serve everyone other than me, and then there was the divine soul awakener spirit igniter, vibrational travelling spirited me.

Of cause the real me is of divine spirit dancing in the universe, free, all knowing, loving, caring, free spirited soul, so living in a world of repression, hate, fear, loathing and such unkindness has been so vary hard.

I have always been a spirit walker a soul awakener a divine spirit since the beginning of my time so many life times ago. I know I have been persecuted punished tortured and damned for being a soul teacher, as you can imagine in this world of fear and control. No matter what has been it is who I am now that I am finally in joy with.

Living with two of me was so tiring so confusing so frustrating, why could I not live in my divine self why was I so attached to this weak other me? Well it was from past lives conditioning that I was carrying, a curse of unworthiness, of being unloved a lack of permission to be, a vow of poverty, when you carry this with you forever it can weight you down.

Through the universal vibrational dimension rising, I have at last come into my own. This awakening has given me permission to be, to speak, to be heard and now it is my time once again to do my

divine work. I am now one and at one with self, I no longer carry that insecure women who struggled with living in this cruel human world, I am now peace and calm and purposeful and free to be me, a soul teacher, a spirit igniter, and free spirit.

I am now that tree of knowingness rooted in truth and reaching out to the souls of the universe to unite in kindness and love, raising our global vibration to invite all that is possible all that is knowing all that pure which is simply divine universal peace and love.

I am now free to embrace me and what I was sent here to do, awaken you.



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