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16/24 Can you see your future?

Sara Troy speaks Sara’s View of Life aired June 14th/16 

Call it visions or dreaming or wishful thinking,  can you see a future of your own design?


When we dream of what may come are we manifesting it? Is dreaming enough or do we have to do more that to make it happen? a dream does not happen just because, we have to make it happen with action and commitment.

I say Dream, Act, and Commit to that action to manifest it.

I have a vision for what is possible in my life, I see what can be IF I have the right people, opportunities, and tenacity to make it happen.

When you believe in something so deeply that it inspires you, that inspiration will exude from you and invite others to see it too.

This is the very principle we have here at Self Discover Media to inspire to invite by sharing our stories of strength, struggle, and courage to embrace our abilities and a willingness to choose a better path of meaningful purpose in life.

So what am I doing about fulfilling my dream? I am inviting those inspirer’s to share their life stories, I am inviting the supporters to support, I am inviting the believers to embrace their own life and see their possibilities and opportunities all around them within them and because of them.



For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:


I started doing my radio shows when someone believed I could long before I knew I could. I was willing to try, even when falling down I got back up learning to do to it another way, I committed to making it happen. 13 months of live shows with another network, now 7 years with my own podcast network which Bill Macquis initially helped me build, we have over 2500 shows in the library of wisdom and more and more inspiration people sharing their whys, how’s, and what’s each and every week.

We have done our jobs, working the process, our due diligence committed to our action, and now poised to reach the next level, and now we are now seeking support.

I want to expand to reach more listeners to share more incredible stories. I want to build a directory of all the wonderful people’s skills I have interviewed. I want our station to be the interview voice for organizations that are serving others..

So now we ask this, we had a dream, we acted on it, committed to it and now we ask for your participation in joining our community.



More on Sara and her many shows go  HERE


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