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16/23 What Inspires you into Action?

Sara Troy presents “Sara’s View Of Life” airs June 7th-13th


Inspiration is a motivator to get us going if we are not inspired we rarely make an effort. How do we find that something that INSPIRES you into action? Is it within us? Around us? Beside us? And we are just not seeing it.

Sometimes we look so hard for the meaning of life that we miss the whole point of it, is it to be inspired by all life and live in gratitude for being able to live it? Is it that one thing that gives meaning to our lives? What is your passion that inspires you?

I am going to talk about inspiration today and just how important it is to the whole equation of life. Finding that thing that makes you want to get going, immersing into something that has such passionate meaning that it inspires you on a daily basis to build share and celebrate it.

I have found such a path, I am inspired daily by the people I interview, it gives me hope for the world and shows me that if we CHOOSE to be INSPIRED by life its self, we can be the difference, the solution, the inspiration that this world needs.



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It lies within each of us, and it can only happen if we feed the possibilities, the inspiration its self, for nothing happens with inaction.

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