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16/22 How do we Support the Supporters ?

Sara Troy hosts Sara’s View of Life, on air from-June 6th/16


I believe when we support each other we grow as a whole

I believe when we value each other we grow as a whole

I believe when we advocate each other we grow as a whole

I believe when we respect each other we grow as a whole

I believe when we collaborate with each other wholeness is found

I know it is had to survive in the coaching, healing, spiritual service realm, I know that people are not willing to invest in those doing the good work that helps people to become whole again. I do believe we need to help one another in any way we can to help each other sustain grow and excel in our own lives.

Your I is all important, for with our  I the fueling of our health, passion, purpose, skills, what do we I have to give?

We can together in our wholeness, unit our divine energies to enhance the global loving vibrations, to raise our awareness of each other’s needs, gifts, tools and love in making this world a better place for all to live in.

Value is not in the dollar, value is in the soul heart spirit wealth in each of us and is the currency in which we should see our selves in. Each of us has a need for the physical currency to sustain and live in dignity, we all have the right to earn a living, so we must be prepared to pay for the services of those who have taken the journey of life and have found those tools, skills, to guide you on yours.

We need each other to heal to discover to excel in our own lives, we are not meant to do it alone, but we must be willing to pay for those services.



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