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16/21 Feed the Solution not the Problem

Sara Troy host “Sara’s View of life”, on air from May 24th 


Humans made the problems in the world so we as humans must fix it.

There is not anything happening in the world today that we have not created, global warming, wars, fear, hate, bad health, money/poverty, religions, we created them, so we must fix the problem that it has in-turn created.

It all starts with us, each and every one of us, we cannot point fingers for we are a part of the mess so we need to be a part of the solution. When we change our thoughts, our words, our actions, our intent, we begin to change the tide and start seeding positive vibrations and possibilities that will heal our world.



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When we feed the possibilities, the attitude of gratitude, the respect for differences, the kindness and love of each other,  the negatives start to crumble, the energy shifts and we start to see what really can be, what should be and what we can make it be together.

Let us be part of the solution first in our own lives, then in each other.

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