16/20 Believing when others Won’t

Sara Troy presents “Her View of Life” on air from May 16th


We can’t believe in anything until we are willing to believe in ourselves. To make those life changes, we must have some faith in what is seen as the impossible, the improbable and what is felt as unattainable, for only then do we understand why we need to believe and how to water that belief into growth.

We are the change we seek.

If you make changes in your beliefs, your thoughts, and actions, by taking charge and deciding to put your energy behind someone or something, you then become part of the equation to make it happen.

Positive Thinking = Positive Living.

Naysayers, doubters, unmovable people create the problem by feeding the negativity, relishing in it and if they had their way, they would kill your belief in an instant, do not let them.

We have no idea what can be achieved until we are willing to believe. Come join me as I speak to the power of belief and how it can transform lives. 


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