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16/18 Slavery is not abolished

Join Sara Troy on her View of Life aired May 3rd-9th

I recently did a show on Child Sex Slavery and it makes my blood boil and my heart ache.


This is not a nice topic, it is uncomfortable as it should be if we felt comfortable with this topic something is wrong with us. So I ask what kind of person (mostly male) can look at a child as a sex object? How can they see them and even think SEX? How can their consciousness allow them to go there?

Sex is a beautiful thing between consenting adults, it is not in any way a good thing between an adult and a child. Where does this sickness come from, how do we stop it and where is the accountability?


Sex Slavery is not alone, Slavery comes in all forms and is suppression and control,  how do we break away from the slave mentality?

Let us visit this and see what we can do  to stop this madness and set all free.



For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:


My article on Sex trafficking and the show with Tim Ballard on his work catching them and liberating children.

More on Sara’s shows HERE 


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