16/17 Recognizing Emotional Abuse, Recovering Your True Self

The Wellness Journey with Lynnis Woods-Mullins with guest Anne-Mari Morrison aired April 26th-May 2nd


There are times when Women will admit to themselves they are in an emotionally abusive situation and there are times that Women are in denial about being emotionally abused until something horrific happens.  Anne-Mari Morrison is the founder of Empowering Within Yoga and author of “In Voice: Recognizing Emotional Abuse, Recovering Your True Self”  shares with us her personal story of surviving emotional abuse,  monumental tragedy, and how she used the practice of Yoga to help her to feel a sense of empowerment and healing.   This is an inspirational interview that tells a moving story of survival in the midst of emotional pain.



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She founded Empowering Within Yoga in 2015, teaching students to balance body with soul in her serene Abbotsford, BC-based studio. Anne-Mari’s personal experiences provide the platform for her insightful work with women who are struggling to express their own personal version of empowerment. As a survivor of abuse and profound tragedy, she brings a uniquely empathetic perspective to her work, whether that means leading a group in setting personal goals, or teaching a student to gain stillness and peace on the floor of a yoga studio.                                                                                                                                                                                                               CLICK ON BOOK TO BUY



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