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16/17 A Dream Long Dreamt

Sara Troy presents Sara’s View of Life, aired April 26th-May 2nd

Over the years I have dreamt of creating certain things, now closer to a possibility of making it happen, I am looking at the collective picture to make happen, come hear my dreams and see if you want to be a part of them.


I believe if we bring the business world and the wellness world together in ethical, dignified, respectful and enlightened collaboration, we would unite the good vibrations this world needs to move forward into global well-being productivity. 

Back in 2001 when I started The Art of Positive Living, I desired a large old house that would provide holistic services for those willing to embrace a new path to wellness. In this house was an aromatherapy room, a massage room, a yoga room, an acupuncture room, an intuitive room, an inferred sauna room, a child care room for parents, a social guidance therapy room, and a juice bar with healthy snacks room.

It would have been a membership and would have allowed 20% of its participant’s free to allow access to people like Mums, Dads, caregivers and homeless who need it and can’t afford it.

A dream not yet realized but still obtainable.



For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:


I also dreamt of a community where holistic, alternative life styler’s and practitioners would live and work. Not a hippie commune but a professional healing arena and training ground for people to come to in order to heal and healers to learn how to heal and grown their own businesses.

Having now interviewed over 550+ people who are doing great things for people in the world, I know the one thing lacking is a PLACE for like-souled, minded and spirited people to come and embrace their like collaborators and expand on their personal gifts.

Working with Bill Mackie for over 11 years now, and sharing many visions, both of us desiring to make things better for mankind, we have come to a place in time where we are in the same book but both have our own chapters.

Bill Maquis has a tool the Mindology tool that will help any and everyone stay focused by understanding how to live in their ZONE of productivity. This tool which will be free to the individual guides us to staying on track and recognizing what takes us out of our ZONE and shows us how to stay in self-production.  Bill has designed an incredible building that will be a training/convention centre for companies and small/large business to learn this tool and in how to apply it in their own company to increase productivity. It is also a place to host spirit and wellness events to a larger well-being community.


His philosophy a lot like mine is always to give a portion away to seed others in their own productive possibilities, which in turn helps mankind grow by building stronger communities. A portion of the overall proceeds go back into the community giving the opportunity to those who need care guidance and hope who budget does not allow for it.

Self Discovery Radio has led me to some extraordinary people doing wonderful things for the people and the planet, and as a possibility seer, I see lots of cohesive collaborations with many. BUT, if they do not see it or feel it or do not wish to pursue it, then it is a no go.

So I keep my fishing rod out there, always looking for those collaborations, those potential co/ventures and soul alignments that could propel any of us forward in to that bigger picture. I know there is much to seed to water to grow, I know there are others who see the possibilities, I know that like-minded, souled, spirited, and visionary s are out there desiring the same if not better dream in creating a united community that serves all who need it.

Globally we are each doing our own thing, but by weaving our thread together we can have a blanket of hope, possibilities, actions and production with a solid foundation to grow and unit on.

I have asked the universe to send me such innovative active souls who share a similar vision so we may start building a foundation in which to build all those possibilities.

So far I have someone who sees the bigger picture and shares a desire, and someone who has the people who could build it, and many of those who will use it. Now like a good piece of music, we need to bring it together in harmony and produce a musical piece that inspires illuminates and invites all those who are ready to take action in building a better life for themselves and a stronger world for us all to live in.

Here I go, leap of faith, for I believe in my meaningful purpose and the journey it took to get here. I am ready to make this vision a reality, I am open to partnerships with those who share the dream and step forth in action, I am in joy to know that this will build a safe haven for all those who wish to embrace their soul, heart, spirit freedom and become part of the solution to the worlds problems.

It all starts with us, within us and because of us, let this be the platform that unites us all in unity and dignity and meaningful global purpose.

Here goes

Sara Troy

Owner-Operator-Host of Self Discovery Radio

 More on Sara GO HERE

If this has inspired you and you want to collaborate in any way contact me at HERE


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