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16/16 Wellness vs Wellbeing: Moving From Functioning to Flourishing

The Wellness Journey with Lynnis Woods-Mullins with guest Dr. Deana aired April 19-25th                                                                                                                                                                              If I were to ask you if you would like to do better in every domain of your life and live a longer satisfied life, I believe you would say — of course! Join Lynnis and Dr. Deana as she shares with you some life tools on how to make this happen. She will shed light on why ‘wellness’ is not enough and why

‘wellbeing’ has to be the “health model” if we want to move beyond functioning and flourish!

Dr. Deana will fuel you into action with love and laughter as you enjoy her stirring presentation sat your next conference or event. A take-charge businesswoman and media personality, she is a passionate spiritual leader and behavior/wellbeing trainer certified in applied positive psychology. In The wellBEING Lab, she trains corporate employees on outsmarting stress, raising resilience and elevating flourishing. She supports both for-profit and social-sector organizations with tools to cultivate an engaged and satisfied culture and lead others towards their highest potential so everyone can thrive in constant change.



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Her research and advice has received attention from CBN, O (Oprah) Magazine, Huffington Post, Fine Living, HGTV, Panache Publication, Meredith Books, Exceptional People and is on the list of top 50 minority businesses by the Philadelphia Business Journal and was honored as a woman of outstanding leadership by The International Women’s Leadership Association. She’s a former adjunct educator, has authored three books and is an affiliate member of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital—a Harvard medical school affiliate

More on your host Lynnis and her shows got to new-wellness-journey-show and Magazine wellness-woman-40-and-beyond-magazine


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