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16/15 Financial Wellness – How to Achieve It and Keep It

The Wellness Journey with Lynnis Woods-Mullins with guest April Parsons-Stewart aired April 12-18th 

It might seem strange that a mind, body, spirit wellness show would have a topic about money. But the reality is that if our financial life is out of whack that can be very stressful. Prolonged stress can eventually impact your mind, body spirit wellness. April Parsons-Stewart, joins me with great information on how you can improve your credit and overall financial wellness. It’s a topic that many of us don’t talk enough about. Join me and April as we talk about a topic that can help add to our overall wellness..

April Parsons-Stewart has been an Entrepreneur for 5 decades. She had multiple streams of income at 7 years old. Her neighbours, friends and family knew they could count on her to get things done.

April has owned and operated many small businesses, including business accounting, taxes, budgeting, planning, marketing and consulting. April is so adept in her business background she would step into any business and operate it without notice.

April was elected as a Central Committee Officer in San Mateo County in 1996. She won against a male incumbent. At the same time she was Northern California Presidential Campaign Director for Charles Collins for President. April was appointed a State Assembly Education Committee Member in 1995. She researched and reviewed education bills, wrote talking points and testified at bill hearings. April has been President, VP and a board member of many clubs and associations such as Chamber of Commerce, Church, Grange, PTA, Booster Club, Health and Fitness, Fundraising and Politics.



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Currently, April Parsons-Stewart is a Licensed Relator, VP of Operations for and President of My Smart FICO. Her passion is to help Start-Up companies become successful, especially Women Owned Businesses. April knows the importance of business owners to raise their personal and business credit. She has counselled hundreds of individuals and businesses to become financially Responsible. She looks forward to helping you next.

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