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16/13 How To Live Your Most Radiant Life Ever

The Wellness Journey with Lynnis Woods-Mullins with guest Kelly Bradley , airs March 29th-April 4TH 

Kelley Bradley

Join Kelly Bradley, Nutrition, Well-Being and Abundance Coach and I as we talk about how to live a life that is abundant and joyful.  Kelly shares with us her philosophy of life and how we can all design a life that focuses on abundance, well-being and joy.  We also talk about her exciting Your Most Radiant Life Ever Telesummit that will be featuring over 45 experts in the field of wellness, health, success, and abundance.

Kelly Bradley is a Nutrition, Well-Being & Abundance Coach.  She has practices the healing science and art of Integrative Physical Therapy, Movement Therapy, Women’s Life, Health & Nutrition Coaching, Mind / Body Healing and Energy Work for over 15 years. She is the founder and CEO of Bradley Wellness, LLC.  Kelly created the on-line platform,  to help more people heal and live their most radiant, abundant and affluent life ever.  Her on-line platform includes VIP Private Coaching, her Radiant Life Academy group coaching program, her Abundance Community membership group, her Seasonal Abundance Cleanse E-Course, a variety of other e-courses that use creativity to heal and more.


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Kelly works with the whole person including mind, body, yoni (for women), emotions and soul.  She focuses on all areas of life including but not limited to health/well-being, financial, relationships, spirituality, passions, work life, family life, pleasure, joy, connection and more.  Kelly works integratively with other healthcare professionals and is available for speaking engagements, expert comments, workshops, retreats, media events and interviews.  She helps create daily rituals that bring all parts of life into equilibrium.   She helps people dive deep to uncover the root cause or causes of their issues, release blocks and resistances, take inspired action, cultivate shifts and create real solutions and results.   Kelly’s method is transformational.  Kelly was inspired to dive deeper into mind / body and energy healing during her own self-healing journey.  It was this journey that dramatically shifted and transformed her as a person and practitioner.  

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