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16/12 Senior Pets and our Love for them.

Join Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life aired March 22-28th 

As I say good-bye to my Kokomo and Sativa I feel my loss of the best friends I will ever have, they will always be with me, but my heart hurts. 

I honour my pets and the love they have given me and will do so long after they have gone, now they need me and I will be there till the end for I owe them that dignity. 

My Kokomo aged 14 .7 years old. Died August 9th.

What a beautiful death, she had a bath , a streak dinner, ice cream and a long talk and snuggle with me this afternoon and new she was loved and it was ok to let her go. The vet was caring gentle and made it easy, she passed looking into my eyes with loving arms of my son Tyler and Bill Maquis on her. She is now at peace playing in the universe surrounding me with loving energy that will always be there.

I love my little one, my heart and soul, thank you for all the love you have given me, that you will still give me, for knowing you has made me a better person.

Always your Mama Sara

Kokomo my best friend, she saved me and bought me back into life. Our walks, our coffee outings, our swims and snuggles have fed me mind, body and soul for the past 14 years, I thank you my darling girl for all the undeniable love you have given me through the years.

Such undeniable unconditional and honest love you will not get from anyone else other than a pet, Kokomo’s love for me is felt deep within my soul and heart and no words are needed because she knows as I know that our love it true.

I am a better person for her being in my life, her unconditional love and pure support gave me the strength to live. She always knew my ups and downs, she was there for it all. Her simple joy of life showed me how to lie and I will forever me grateful for her being in my life.

I met my Biz partner and friend Bill Macquis because of Kokomo and she has been a love that units us for these 14+ years. I know he will miss her too, now all chapters come to an end, but she will be with me for our new beginnings.

My Sativa aged 17.7years old. Died February 9th

Sativa was rescued by my daughter Tabytha, a feisty 6 lb cat who ruled theneighborhood and would go face to face with skunks, raccoons, and other cats and dogs. At 17 years old she still runs the house, she is Jumping up and down on the counter and still love to terrorise the grand pups.

sativa-0811 (3)

She lived with my youngest daughter for 6 years and loved the interaction of people coming and going. Now back with me and Kokomo she is always trying to sneak out and go adventuring, mush to my horror as we are on a busy road,.

Trying to tell her to stay home for her own sake is an on going battle, she still has so much life in here, and love adventure.



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