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16/08 My Celestail Origins

              Join Sara Troy on Sara’s View of LIFE. Aired February 23rd 

              I know I did not come from Earth, but what are my Celestial origins?


I have known all my life that I am not an Earthling, I have never felt at home here and many time disconnected from my source of divine energy. I belong to the Universe, I am a celestial being brought here to do my work, awaken souls into heart and spirit.

I have just finished reading “The Atlantean Legacy” by Paula Bates See Her show here and it has made me feel right at home, a sense of familiarity of being. I have many memories of the Inca people of many past lives and of my Universal origins. When I travel I am so at peace among the nothing-everything-ness, it is a state of being that is so sublimely free of everything but a void OF knowingness, a contradiction I know, but nonetheless, makes sense to me.

I will share my awareness this week as I unravel my knowingness of my origins and my reason for being.  We seek a meaningful purpose in life which is embedded in our DNA coding right from the seeds of life conception and carries with us in each and every life we live, we can not escape our divine purpose for that is why we are here.

Come travel with me to the far out and unknown and see if anything resonates with you.



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