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16/07 Following the Breadcrumbs of Misdirection

                  Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy aired February 16th-22nd


If we pay attention there are always signs, the breadcrumbs to show us our way, but do they always show us the right path? We see the possibilities, what could be, what we want it to be, but maybe this was not the path at all but a misdirection.

How do we know? and once on the path do you continue forward or go back or REDIRECT?

We are all so bombarded by the exterior noise we don’t always hear our inner voice or our instincts and we override our gut our soul’s intuition. How to tune in, how to know when to retreat or how to redirect, for maybe that was the reason for following the breadcrumbs in the first place.

We can’t let the unknown stop us, for that is the journey of life, but being able to see when to adjust, redirect or retreat is key to not getting in any deeper than we need to.  Sometimes it is just meant to get us going, and when we see it is the wrong path but not the wrong journey we are more able to seek out or pay attention to another path along the way.

It is about being adjustable, adaptable and in-tune with our environment, for the signs are always there, we just have to learn to read them and follow our instincts and not someone else’s breadcrumbs.



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