16/03 Trial By Fire

The Wellness Journey with Lynnis Woods-Mullins and her guest  Charles Mattocks aired January 19/16 

Trial By Fire – One Man’s Passion to Raise Awareness About A Very Rare and Painful Chronic Disease CRPS/RSD .


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His need to create meals that were tasty, nutritious, and affordable led to his career as “The Poor Chef”. Multiple appearances on The Today Show, Good Morning America,Fox News The Talk, Martha Stewart,CNN & Dr. Oz gave him the opportunity to share what he had learned CBS TV about feeding a family for less money. He became a sought after guest on local and regional radio and television stations. Once again he achieved success! Charles just wrapped the first ever diabetes reality TV show called REVERSED Then came devastating news. Charles had type 2 diabetes. Reading all he could about the disease made him all too aware of how little he actually knew about diabetes. He was determined to save his life and knew he had to help others do the same. “The Diabetic You” documentary, website, and movement came out of that determination to educate and inspire people around the world. He is doing just that! From appearances on CNN, The Today Show, Anderson Cooper, Good Morning America and scores of other TV shows and radio programs across the country, to interviews in Huffington Post, Diabetes Health, Examiner, his regular blog on the Dr. Oz website, and more, the world is learning about Charles Mattocks’ war against diabetes. A tireless advocate for diabetics everywhere, Charles Mattocks, is determined to help stem the tide of this deadly disease. Charles Mattocks is also turning his attention and passion on the rare disease CRPS/RSD and has just completed a film “Trial By Fire” currently being viewed at film festivals throughout the world.

Site: charlesmattocks.com

Film site: trialbyfiremovie.com



More on your host Lynnis and her shows got to new-wellness-journey-show and Magazine wellness-woman-40-and-beyond-magazine


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