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16/02 Shedding the Secret: My Life as a Bulimic

The Wellness Journey with Lynnis Woods-Mullins and her guest Iris Ruth Pastor aired January 12th-18th.

Iris Ruth Pastor appeared to have it all she was the mother of five. A wife, daughter, friend and co-worker.  A slice-of-life columnist for many decades and the go-to person for advice and encouragement.

But Iris, had a secret that no one knew about.  “No one knew of my clandestine existence. No one knew I was beset by demons. No one knew what I did nightly after the sun went down and the work day ended. No one knew about my 46 year-long struggle with bulimia.”

Iris shares her story of how she decided to deal with her demons and make a change in her life in order to save her life.  Her story is one of compassion, sensitivity yet told with a sense of humor.   It is a story that will ring true with many.  We all have secrets, things we keep to ourselves that we know we need to fix.  Iris’s story is inspirational and one you do not want to miss.



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Iris Ruth Pastor is a celebrated blogger with over 600 postings to her credit.  She is the author of “Slices, Bites and Other Facts of Life” and she is Huffington’s Post50  “Must Read Blogger for 2015”.  Iris, will soon be releasing her newest book “Tales of a Bulimic Baby Boomer” in 2016.  She is releasing excerpts of her book in a 9 part series for Huffington Post about her 46 year battle with bulimia starting in January 11, 2016.

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