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15/51-52 Summery of my Beliefs

Sara Troy and her View of Life 2015 reflection. 

First of all I hope you are all experiencing a wonderful Festive Holiday.

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I have chosen to show you a couple of video interviews done by Christina Wascko. One on my work and who I am and this radio station before I changed its name, another on becoming a radio host.

I hope you enjoy them, I speak from my heart, my soul,  my knowingness, this is me and my Why What and How.

Want to become a radio/blog host? this is what you need to know. If you want to join us drop me a line and let us explore the opportunities.

So you want to be a radio host? then expect nothing out of it.

If you’re going into hosting a radio blog because you want more clientele, looking for adoration or even listener-ship, then rethink it. Being a radio host is about YOUR CONVICTION to invite and inspire and inquire into solutions that serve our people and world, anything else is EGO.

The art of interviewing is to be inviting, to inspire your guest into sharing their story because they feel comfortable enough to tell you. It is not their what, but their WHY and their How that truly is important. Are they telling your audience something that will liberate them? Something that they can use? Something that will enable them to make those changes in their life they so need?

When having a guest on ask yourself, what is in it for them? What are they after by doing the show? Is one big promo for them or do their really have a story that will guide and serve others into embracing their own journey’s. Do they know how to converse or do they interview by numbers, pre-ordained questions for you to ask, do they respond robotically and do they sound authentic?

If I can’t buy them I can’t buy their product for it is not their truth, so what they have to sell is redundant. I love interviewing, I love meeting new people who have embraced their journey, paid their dues and now love helping others on the road in life. I love hearing how people found the courage to face adversity, to find strength in themselves to seek a new life and find their meaningful purpose, this is why I do it.

I don’t charge to be on our shows. The hosts pay for their show spots, but not the guests, why? Because I believe the more you the audience hears about how someone beat the odds, looked cancer in the eye and won, faced bankruptcies, divorce, death of a loved one and loss of a career, but came back with positive energy in finding a new path for which they love and in which serves others, then they are already contributing to mankind.

So how do we support the station? We ask you to help us, yes you the listeners, the liberators, the investors, the people who want to get behind the people who are out changing this world into a beautiful vibrant loving place to live in that serves us all. Yes it is possible because of all the people who are making it happen for you and for me. My role in all of this? I am a conductor, I bring you those wonderful inspirational people who have changed their lives and are now committed in helping you change yours. My full of life hosts and I bring you weekly shows that celebrate those who are the change makers, and all we ask is for your support.

The Community for Change is where we raise funds to keep the station going and which also supports the Community for Empowerment initiative. $10-00 US a month subscription helps us to keep bringing you such amazing weekly shows.  A one time Donation of which 50% goes to the Community Empowerment which will support people receiving guidance in all health issues, life’s challenges, past belief release, counselling, coaching in all aspects of spirituality, in open mindedness, in entrepreneur business and career choices, and also where you will find the people who can help you? On our Community Enablement Directory.

The Directory is being filled with professional people whom we have interviewed whose services can help people grow into all their own glory in life.

So you see, being a radio host is not about just you but about whom you serve, the people who will listen to you because of your real authentic open mindedness and respectful approach to interviewing the world’s liberators.  Are you inviting? Do you listen? Can you make someone feel safe with you? Do you celebrate all the wonderful positive things people are doing to serve this world? Are you a believer in humanity and what we can do in unison?

Yes? Then drop me a line and join us, for we need voices who care, who inspire and who invite, and who wish to share the love of life, are you such a person?

By Sara TROY

Self Discovery Radio


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