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15/47 Calling on Millennial and Generation X’s

Saras View of Life with Sara Troy aired from November 24th on.

Are you a MILLENNIAL? or a Generation X? do you have a message to impart to your generation? do you wish to speak to what inspires you and share those vibrant beliefs with others? do you want to invite conversation? are you respectful of your elders wisdom do you know how to cross the age boundary? Is your message liberating, authentic, and illuminating?

If this is you and you think you can host your own radio/video blog show, we have an opportunity for you to express your life’s views and interview guests with enlightening ideas that serve us and all mankind. We do not feed the negative or sensationalized hysteria, but the people who are out there making a difference in the world, one person at a time or one mountain at a time.



For mobile/tablets, you can download free apps herehttp;//


Our youth are the leaders of tomorrow and we need your voice, your ideas, your creativity, share it, inspire it, and invite it with your own show right here on Self Discovery Radio.

Generation X


Born 1965-1976 51 million

Born 1977 – 1998 75 million

Accept diversity Pragmatic/practical Self-reliant/individualistic Reject rules Killer life Mistrust institutions PC Use technology Multitask Latch-key kids Friend-not family

Celebrate diversity Optimistic/realistic Self-inventive/individualistic Rewrite the rules Killer lifestyle Irrelevance of institutions Internet Assume technology Multitask fast Nurtured Friends = family

Mentoring Do’s · Casual, friendly work environment · Involvement · Flexibility and freedom · A place to learn

Mentoring Do’s · Structured, supportive work environment · Personalized work · Interactive relationship · Be prepared for demands, high expectations

Please do contact me for we embrace your platform.

Producer /Host

Sara Troy 


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