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15/43 Trudeau & Bernie.

Sara Troy on Saras View Of Life aired October 27th- November 2rd

Justin Trudeau has just become our Prime Minister at the age of 42, why did the people vote for him and what does it mean to our future. Also why do I advocate for Bernie Sanders to be the next US president.

Justin is Generation X and they have a totally different view on what is needed and what needs to happen, I like his approach. Bernie Sanders it s no nonsense man who calls it as it is and will get things out of dogma and into action which is very much needed.

It will be interesting over the next few years to see the changes happen that need to happen if we are to ever get out of this mess and have a fruitful future.

I hope the crap will be cut and we will get on making things happen and not letting ignorance and race and youth or partisanship get in the way.


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Behind every leader is a supporter, an advocate and a grounder, Justin has a good one here. meet-sophie-gregoire-trudeau-justin-trudeau-s-wife-

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