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15/39 The EMPowerment of Loss and Change

Sara Troy brings you Saras View of Life airing September 28th-October 5th 

Loss we have all had to face it at some point in our lives. How do we overcome? How do we go on? how do we LET GO? How do we CHANGE?

This week I look at the gifts and empowerment we receive from those we have lost, FROM THE THINGS WE HAVE LOST from a world that has collapsed to the new birth of a new day, OUR NEW BIRTH our new directions that are awaiting us….just go…do it……


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Josh Daniel sings Labrinth’s Jealous, feeling the loss of a loved friend, how loss feels

Is Chloe on the right Paige. Free Me Now so I can more on, for moving forward is key

Anton Stephans is Changing, we all need to embrace the changes in our life.


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