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15/35 “Jumping through Hoops”

 Transforming Relationships with, Julieanne O’Connor. Aired September 1st


Jumping through hoops:  To do just about anything to please someone. For example, The boss expects the entire staff to jump through hoops for him, or This violinist will jump through hoops for the conductor. This metaphoric expression alludes to trained circus animals jumping through hoops. [Early 1900s]

Do you ever find yourself jumping through hoops to please someone?  Isn’t it funny that often when you are jumping through hoops for someone, the person that you are trying to impress rarely expresses as much gratitude for what you are doing as what seems due.  In your office, in your home, in love or in life…  Let’s talk about why this is a ridiculous way to live your life.  Tune-in for a candid talk about why “jumping through hoops” rarely pays off.



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