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15/33 Community what does it mean how far reaching is it?

Saras View of Life with Sara Troy airing August 18th-24th

                                                                          What is community and how far reaching is it?


Our community is not just in our immediate vicinity, it is global for everything that goes on in this world has an affect on us.  We here at Self Discovery Radio are serving a global community with universal knowledge, tools and inspirations. So it was inevitable that our next step would be to advocate communities and the much needed work that they do.

So we have an initiative that serves us all.

Community Enrichment serves the organizations investing in people. community-enrichment

Community Enablement is where you find the coaches, healers, mentors, teachers, liberators that can provide services to help the people in need. community-enablement-directory

Community Empowerment is where we support the Enablement intuitive. community-empowerment

Community for Change is where you support the station and all the shows we bring to you. community-for-change


                More on the station and the Community for Change initiative

For more on SARA /meet-sara-troy


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