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15/33 Being Happy with Pamela Lynch

Journey into Joy with Pamela Lynch originally aired August 17th-24th

In today’s soul journey we are going to focus on your happiness. It’s you and me today sharing this show, and talking about what it takes to be happy. The million dollar question is: How do you create happiness?  Learn how I achieved my happiness and some of my personal struggles before I was able to shift into the present state of joy. Today I share three keys to being happy, as I believe them to be.

We are growing, expanding beings. We do our best, and we learn from contrast and the choices we make. Most of us are simply doing our very best not to stumble, and to rise above where we were yesterday. We are in our own journey seeking what we need to feel fulfilled, happy and loved.

Pamela Lynch is a certified coach, through the Quantum Success Coaching Academy.  Her partners, team, and clients appreciate her skills as a Law of Attraction Coach to help them create a life they love through health and wealth.


You can connect with Pamela through her website, and her newest offering to help people lose weight, gain energy and get more sleep.


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