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15/32 HUNGER for Food for Company for Life

Sara View of Life with Sara Troy aired August 11th-17th


Why are we still starving? Why are people still dying of hunger? Why are we allowing this?

We have to stop turning our heads away because it makes us feel uncomfortable, we have to start doing something about it. Children in Africa are not getting food because of droughts, a regime who controls the food and a view that if you’re poor you a waste.

We are running out of food because we became too greedy, consuming more than we need, feeding an inner hole it is time to change that, for no one should suffer from hunger in or out today.



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In countries where food is abundant, we are so wasteful, so disgracefully neglectful that we don’t even see the hungry before our eyes. As human bodies we have to be fed, the spirit is not enough, but while many stuff their faces and waste so much, just within reach there is someone needing a meal just to live another day.

We are not just hungry for food but for company, for someone to listen to hear us, to care enough to spend a moment with us, the best commodity of all, our TIME.

Let us start seeing the world as it is and what it can be, and let us be part of the solution, care, share, do, be, for we are all one here and this planet is home to all of us.

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