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15/31 Fire Storm with Diana Harris

Journey into Joy with Pamela Lynch her guest: Diana Harris aired August 4th-9th

With a barrage of recent forest fires in British Columbia, my guest Diana Harris and I experienced first hand the terror of being surrounded by fire. During this conversation with Diana Harris, we share the lessons that we learned when we were ordered to be on alert to prepare f an r evacuation at a moment’s notice.


We offer some tips to prepare for an emergency. In fact, we urge you take action now to avoid feeling overwhelmed when a crisis may strike. You can’t anticipate if or when that might be. And once again mindfulness came up in our conversation with regard to

disposing of cigarettes…people need to be aware of the devastation that can occur when they are irresponsible. Diana Harris’ background is in research and the nutrition, health and wellness field. Diana has studied the secret to longevity for many years, as well as what we require for optimal health and balance in life.  Diana loves her life on the ranch and lives life full out with passion.



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