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15/30 Take time for a peppermint licorice tea break today… Pt2

Wise Health with Suma Nathan and Bill Mackie airing July 28 through August 3rd 2015

Try a peppermint licorice tea at lunch and see how it effects your tongue. These are two of the oldest and most widely used compounds used in herbal medicine. Tune in and discovery why… As usual the show will be filled many other inspirational twists and turns to this story for you to enjoy

For those of you who have missed the last couple shows, Suma and Bill have been talking about how you can quickly assess your overall health and stress levels by looking at your tongue! This is a very hot topic because this is knowledge is something that you can quickly learn how to apply in your daily life. Once you begin learning how to read what your tongue is telling you can begin dealing with your health issues. Oh ya, don’t forget that a little bit of physical activity goes a long way to healing what ails you as well!


This weeks healing music message…

Anything in life is possible all you have to do is believe that you can do it and then just go out and do it!

Suma and Bill both share a  passion for music, more importantly they have discovered the incredible healing and therapeutic power of music. Here’s this weeks inspirational music video…

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