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15/29 “That Heart of Yours – Open it Up!”

Transforming Relationships with host, Julieanne O’Connor, author of the SPELLING IT OUT series Airs July 21st through 27th

Tune-in for a show about the Human Spirit. 


Kindness, acceptance, and generosity are not always the immediate reaction in our usual day-to-day living.  However, it is the true spirit of the heart.  The difference between those who choose to behave like usual public and those who choose to take a higher path, is slight.  It’s a simple choice.  It requires the guts to be different and the willingness to be momentarily un-relatable, while you do that which demonstrates unusual levels of kindness.  But once done, others see themselves in you, and relatability happens.  This is what changes the world.  Not the status quo of behavior we so often see these days.  Not in behaviors that are like everyone else’s overly dramatic interpretations of the things that don’t sincerely matter.  But instead in the bravery of extraordinary generosity and openness to other human beings, to our animals, and to our environment.

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