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15/29 Mindful Nutrition

Program: Journey into Joy with Pamela Lynch and  her Guest: Diana Harris

In today’s fast-paced world it serves us to be mindful about the products we consume. During this conversation with Diana Harris, a woman who has spent many decades studying and researching nutrition, she shares with us what it means to be mindful about what we are putting into our bodies and how we view food. One of our common interests is about the power of positive thinking, meditation, and how we attract people and things into our life. We speak about several tips to shift how you feel and raise your vibration, including how to eliminate complaining with a three complaint rule. Tune in as Diana speaks about antioxidants, and the superfoods we can choose to consume to counter the free radicals caused by our toxic environment.


Diana Harris’ background is in research and the nutrition, health and wellness field. Diana has studied the secret to longevity for many years, as well as what we require for optimal health and balance in life.  Diana loves her life on the ranch and lives life full out with passion.

You can connect with Diana through email at

More on Pamela and her many shows go to journey-into-joy/


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