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15/25 Changes Needed in Leadership

Saras View of Life with Sara Troy aired June 23rd-29th.

Here we go again, the USA presidential run and Canadian election, and already the hate comments and discord dividing the nations. Tomorrows leadership has to change, we can not look to the future with outdated points of view. What do we want from our leaders of tomorrow and are we ready to let go of our fears, embrace our differences, and grow up?

Leadership starts within us, first be a person who takes ownership of S.E.L.F our soul enabling life force and be the change you want to see in your community.

Don’t follow just because everyone else is going that way, don’t be a Sheeple, choose because you are informed and want a change that serves us all.


They only way your going to grow as a country is to UNITE and serve the everyone does not bow to the few. Politics has a very dirty name, so time to clean it up, we the PEOPLE have to demand open honest, upfront intent and know that they are not being bought by the cooperation’s interests.



For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:


We get what we vote for, so hold them accountable, ask hard questions and don’t let them snowball you. We have the power to make the changes necessary with our voting, be mindful, be careful and be diligent, for these are your countries, your homes, your lives, don’t cry later, speak out now.

Your vote counts but know who you are voting for and why?

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