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15/24 Saras View of Life….The talents within us.

Saras View of Life with Sara Troy airing June 16th-22nd

What is TALENT? do we all within ourselves carry hidden talents?

I love watching talents shows. I love seeing people’s dreams unfold before us and take them to greater heights than they ever dreamed of. Someone coming on who only sang to the mirror now for the first time singing to millions setting their spirit free.

So what hidden talents do you have within you? What is holding you back? and are you going to set it free?

Are you the artist? the singer? the dancer? the writer? the inspired?

Here some of my favs.                                                                                Art by Aroura



If you would like to download or listen to S.E.L.F. Discovery Radio shows on your mobile device you can download free mobile apps here:  Soundcloud


And dance at a whole new level

I am a Beach Boys fan and this is absolutely brilliant version of ‘God Only Knows’ – 20+ current popular artists in this classic…a must watch –


Check this AD out, it’s all about dreams.

More on Sara’s shows go to saras-view-on-life-


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