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15/23 Soul Vibrations with Pamela Lynch

Journey into Joy with Pamela Lynch
and her aired June 9th-15th

Welcome to Pamela Lynch’s inaugural show, Journey into Joy and create your ripple effect.

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On today’s show Pamela reveals that her soul goal is to help women to rediscover their self worth. She believes the inner work we must do and heal within ourselves is the very gift we become blessed to help others with. 

Through her story you discover the pieces of the puzzle that led her from a women who lacked self worth to her confident journey into joy and the ripple effect it causes. One is to be in vibrational alignment with your intention, whatever yours happens to be. Pamela’s is to cause a positive ripple in the lives she touches. And she shares with you the three keys for you to get in, and remain in, as high a vibration as possible.


More on Pamela hosts/pamela-lynch/

More on her shows /journey-into-joy/


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