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15/23 Mask Your Pain or Embrace it? The choice is yours to make pt1

Wise Health with Suma Nathan and Bill Mackie airing June 9th-15th

Suma and Bill discuss some of the incredible people they have met and in how they overcame their pain and health challenges. Inspired by those people they discuss how nutrients can help one’s pain.

This week they focus in on one of the fastest growing health epidemics… lower back pain!

Here are some of the topics they will be discussing…

  1. What are the major of back pain.

  2. How can you avoid developing lower back pain latter in life.

  3. The things you can be doing now to deal with your existing back pain

  4. The things you can do now to reduce the chances of developing chronic back pain in your future.

This weeks healing music message…

Suma and Bill both share a  passion for music, more importantly they have discovered the incredible healing and therapeutic power of music. Here’s this weeks music message…



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