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15/21 Stop feeding your pain (pt2)…

Aired  May 26th through June 1ST on Wise Health with Suma Nathan and her co/pilot  Bill Mackie and guest Thomas Williams.

Join Suma and her special guests Thomas Williams and Bill “Smok’N DAWG” Mackie for another informal and very informative discussion on how food plays a role in affecting your ability to live and deal with pain. By learning more about the foods we eat and they ways in which we eat, one can learn to live a very productive, rewarding and fulfilling life in spite of the pain. For this week your three hosts continue to explore and explain the root causes and our ability to deal with and manage pain ultimately stems from the foods we eat. More importantly, how the foods we eat are responsible for the majority of stress that we have to deal with every day, which in turn manifests into the pains we experience every day! The topic of this week discussion for the food-related causes of pain your hosts are going to be delving into osteoid and rheumatic arthritis, inflammation and how effect Omega 3 and Omega 6 affects the body’s ability to self-manage inflammation.


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About the Hosts…

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