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15/19 The Root of Pain…

Wise Health with Suma Nathan and her co/pilot Bill Mackie aired May 12-18th 

This week Suma and her special guest Bill “Smok’n DAWG” Mackie talk about the root cause of pain. Which surprisingly is actually caused by our diets!  You are probably wondering how the food you eat has anything to do with the pain you experience from an accident you had in your childhood, but it does… As Bill explains pain is the bodies natural defense mechanism to alert the brain that there is something going wrong internally.  Pain is the culmination of multiple factors that result in telling the body to stop doing what you are doing to prevent us from doing irreversible damage to your body.

Food is the one thing that everyone consumes on a regular basis and the ingestion of food triggers a complete series of biological responses within the  body. When the food we eat can not be processes correctly, the the body becomes stressed. The more we ingest foods the we can not process the more stressed the body becomes.As the stress level builds our defense mechanism become more heightened to  a point where we become other extremely sensitive to other external influences in life cause the body to react in pain. A simple example we can all relate to is that when we over eat you get severe stomach cramps! What’s really incredible is that virtually everything we experience as pain is directly effected by the foods we eat! With all the genetically modified foods and chemicals that we ingest into our bodies when combined with the sheer volume of food we eat it’s no wonder that we have so many people who suffer from pain. Food is the the root to virtually every major health issue in the industrial world!


For the next next week’s how Suma and Bill will be discussing importance of developing eating habits that will help you reduce the stresses caused by eating. It’s not so much about the foods you eat but more about developing an understanding and an awareness of how the foods you do eat are affecting the way your body is reacting.

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