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15/15 “They Can’t Touch Him Now” By James Williamson

Airs April 14th through 20th on Transforming Relationships with host, Julieanne O’Connor,and her guest James Williamson

Tune-in for a touching interview with James Williamson who at last shares the secrets he’s kept hidden all of his life. As the author of They Can’t Touch Him Now, James reveals decades of abuse in every form, and opens up about how secrecy can become a part of your every fiber.

Jimmy was only nine years old when he was molested and sexually assaulted in London’s dingy East End. He struggled to keep his dark secret, while coping with being adopted and his illiterate father’s violent outbursts. Desperately needing to be loved, Jimmy accepts an offer of ‘conditional kindness’ from Tom, his scoutmaster. Now, after a lifetime of secrets, his story can be told as Tom is now dead, so…. They Can’t Touch Him Now.


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