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15/15 Conscious Leadership with Dan Zaleski

Conscious Business Conversations Host Pamela Lynch and her guest Dan Zaleski airs April 21st-27th

I’m delighted to have Dan Zaleski back on the show to talk about leadership.  Join us as we talk about what it means to be a leader, and how to make deeper connections through the networks we develop and nurture. Dan also shares with us the difference between networking and connecting.  It is also my pleasure to share with you the event, Your Leadership Connection, which was created by Dan and other leaders for leaders in our communities across Canada. The purpose of the event is to advance small business entrepreneurs in leadership through networking, learning, and connecting.

Dan Zaleski is an accomplished speaker, businessman and author. As an international athlete he is known to thousands around the world as “Master Dan”, an 8th degree Black Belt. As a successful entrepreneur and top 1% sales professional, Dan brings over 25 years of focus, clarity, and achievement to every team and stage. Through his writing and speaking Dan Zaleski continues to help business leaders and entrepreneurs to have more clarity, focus and to achieve extraordinary results in work and life.


You can connect with Dan through his website, and also learn more about his next event at the following urls:

More on Pamela and her many shows go to conscious-business/


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