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15/14 Ask Sara about the Joy of Mexico

Ask Sara with Sara Troy airing April 7th-13th 

Mexico I have fallen in love with you, Puerto Vallarta  to be exact, I went with my friend Jan Berney who has given me the greatest gift a friend could gift, a place to unwind and regroup and revive.

This was our morning view. The rock of Playa Escondida and open seas and sky’s.


We were on the 9th floor looking out to the sea and sky, we woke to a soft breeze and the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks and the birds singing. We were in the old part of Puerto Vallarta in Boca De Tomatlan, away from the big crowds and in a condo that was beautifully kept.


We awoke late had our coffee then a brunch, slowly went down to the pool, swam a while and then of to town for an adventure in shopping eating and embracing the wonderful sunsets.



We ate at so many restaurants and I was not disappointed by any or them. Here are some of the dishes we ate.

From “Vitea” on the beach front at sunset a fabulous seafood pasta followed by a chocolate eclair so yummy.


Coincidentally our PLV Radio host from “Everyday Living” Vicki McLeod and her Mama where there too and we had  appys at Daiquiri Dicks Shrimp cups and Pumpkin ravioli and watched the  sunset above and then of to “No Way Jose” for wonderful Maui Maui, chocolate tart and Margaritas.


Some times we would have our morning coffee looking out at the sea and sky and then go into to town for the most wonderful French pastries from “Paris Cafe”, we would go around the corner and sit in front of an unopened store and devour them in delight, we would also buy the chocolate mouse and fresh bread for the next days brunch to have with lovely cheese and fresh avocado.



As you can see we did not go hungry, I can’t think of a disappointing meal at all, even though some were better than others.

The food for the price was amazing, the size of helpings huge. We went to the pancake house (no not like here) Jan had an omelette I have a waffle filled I mean over flowing with strawberries with a fresh orange juice it was only $15.00 for us both.

Prices could go from $5 for Tacos – $20 dollars for a fine dinning meal and  all so very very good.

Here are some of the restaurants we ate at.

Endales for a burger sandwich rated ok. good service and we fed a stray dog, it went away happy.

Tacos at the market squid and Shrimp



El Puebblito for great Margaritas and guacamole and the best Taco chips, its on the beach front great for sunsets and you can dine on the beach.

We ate at a Taco place right on the beach that Vicki recommended and with Pacifico beer in hand and a shrimp Taco in the other, we watched people play on the beach before the sun set.



“Joe Jacks” for fantastic bucket of fresh shrimp, Sangria and of cause guacamole, this is where this picture was taken.

20150321_181156 (2)

We ate a couple of times at the place we stayed in at Girasol Sur, it looked right out over the rocks and the beach with a sea to sky view and a wonderful soft breeze gentle touching us.


We would get a different dish at each place so we could each of us experience all the flavors of the feast. This way we did not miss out on all the choices.

Other places we ate at were

El Jacalito a small little place just past the rock of Playa Escondida.  There are 4 restaurants around there, some been there for 40 years and now there is a fight to save them as a big condo is planned to go there. With out such places where would the people go wonderful authentic restaurants run by locals is very much needed.


We had our usual  guacamole and Pacifico beer and a plate of tacos covered in hot re fried beans and melted cheese, this came with our dish of breaded shrimp and butter and garlic shrimp, there was so much we took it home for a full lunch the next day.

We did a lot of shopping at the markets, bargaining is essential as prices can change day to day, but I did buy some colourful summer wear at very reasonable prices. Silver can be bought at a good price also but do check that it has a 95 sealed on it so you know it is real silver, there are some lovely pieces at the markets and sold by venders walking around, just buyer beware and be willing to walk if you don’t agree on the price.

Taxis (cabs) are a fixed price, tell them where you going and get the price before you go, you will find the price varies and if you know what you paid last time, tell them you wont pay more, don’t go before establishing a price.

Our last night there we ate at Archie’s Wok and Thai restaurant, I had Sea bass with pineapple and fresh vegetables, the very best meal so far and so much beautiful flavor then a walk so see our last sunset.



Walking around the streets was very safe for us, unlike Neuvo Vallarta which looks like little America, the old town has so much character and people are so friendly and respectful, that does not mean don’t be aware but just don’t walk in fear.



Some of the beauty and uniqueness there.

I loved walking the streets and all the trees and flowers, the bridges and the small streets, it was wonderful. Beautiful trees, a salamander mural.


Here is a little book hang out buy the market here are more of the market, the streets loaded with little stores in which to buy some wonderful gifts. Even pharmacy where you can buy varies prescription drugs.




MORE ON SARA  AND HER MANY SHOWS GOT TO ask-sara/ AND /positive-living-vibrations/


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