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15/13 Ask Sara about The 3 Moons of Change

Ask Sara with Sara Troy airing from March 31st-April 6th

The Moon Power of Change 

Not just a solar eclipse! March 20th saw THREE astronomical phenomena take place as the supermoon and spring equinox align, what does it mean for us?

While people in the UK were treated to an eclipse, other events took place. March 21st marks the spring equinox, when day and night is roughly equal. And it is also a supermoon (shown), with the moon at its closest point to Earth. It is very rare for the three events to occur at the same time.

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As Earth orbits the sun, its poles tilt towards and away from it. This is what gives us our seasons.

But throughout the year, there are two moments where the tilt of Earth aligns so that it is perpendicular to the sun – normally around 20 March and 22 September.

During this time, called an equinox, the length of a day and night on the planet are roughly equal.

I predicted back in December that March would be the beginning of an energy shift for us on this planet. This is it and expect some amazing changes to come from here on but make sure your ready as it is going to be one fabulous ride.


Click here for video of the

On Friday 20th March, Professor Brian Cox, Dara O’Briain and Liz Bonnin brought us coverage of the breathtaking solar eclipse live on BBC One.From an aeroplane above the Faroe Islands, our teams captured this startling footage of the event which reached totality at 09:41 GMT.

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