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15/11 Grooving LIFE to the beat of a very different drum

Airing March 16th 2015 on Wise Health with Suma Nathan. Come join Suma for a very inspirational and informative talk with Bill “Smok’n DAWG” Mackie as he shares the incredible stories of the Gifts that LIFE has chosen for him to receive. The challenges are pretty mind blowing, they range from being born with detached and elongated muscles in his eyes, to learning how to live with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and then being able turn that into a very special ability, to surviving multiple life threatening accidents that resulted in him breaking his back 3 times and all of theses things happened before the age of 18! For this episode Bill covers the early years from birth to roughly the age 13 and he only addresses two of the major challenges that he learned to overcome during this time period, the birth defect with his eyes, and the early age detection of his supposed mental disorder. Yet through it all Bill has always considered himself the be very fortunate and thankful for being given these challenges in LIFE to deal with. Be sure to tune in and find out why…

For more info and stories on Bill Mackie visit his personal website:

To learn more about his latest endeavors in life be sure to checkout his company website: which is also the company that owns PLV Radio.

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