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15/11 Conscious Relationships with Trent Janisch

Conscious Business Conversations with Host Pamela Lynch and her guest Trent Janisch airing March 17th-23rd.

Trent Janisch joins us to share how we can become better at the skill of building relationships. As we continue our conversation about relationships and values being the new organizing principle, Trent dissects that very phrase to make way for business people to hone their interpersonal skills to consciously create strong relationships.  “The relationships we build, and how people are being treated, are far more important than the money that’s being exchanged.” Companies who survive the coming years will have recognized early on that their new bottom line is the ability to cultivate relationships by truly seeing their clients, customers, and employees. They will ask questions such as the ones, and in the manner, that Trent does.


Trent outlines his three steps from his #1 bestselling Kindle Book, 3 Steps to Better Relationships.


Trent Janisch is the Founder and CEO of The Power You Are – Coaching and Consulting. Trent is a trained Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Counsellor, and Coach. His business focuses upon guiding Business Owners, Managers, and Individuals through a process that enables them to create better relationships and work-life balance while simultaneously becoming more effective in every area of their lives.

Author of the Amazon #1 Bestseller, 3 Steps to Better Relationships

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