15/10 “A Powerful True Story of Healing”

Airs March 10th through March 16th on Transforming Relationships with host, Julieanne O’Connor, guest Marie Delanote 

Tune-in for a moving talk with Marie Delanote, author of THE HEALING OF THE 1LB BABY.  Marie shares her journey from taking on too much in her life, to an unexpected event, to complete surrender, to total miraculous healing. She shares her candid struggles with her husband, and her ability to tune-out the hospital negativity when called on to heal her 1lb baby girl who was born seriously premature.

Marie Delanote was born in West Flanders, Belgium and relocated with her British husband and children to Essex in the UK in 2011. Her early years were dedicated to music, and she completed a masters degree in music/double bass at the ‘Lemmensinstituut’, Royal College of Music in Belgium. In addition to these academic feats, from a very early age, she had a fascination in spiritual practices.

Over the years, numerous courses have enhanced her knowledge and abilities and Marie has been a practicing healer for many years. She provides one on one consultations in the following – Chakra-therapy, Crystal-therapy, working with Ethereal Crystals, Past Life Regression therapy, Mediumship, Reading of Oracle cards ‘Belline’ and ‘Lenormand’, Numerology.


Her experiences and practices led her towards writing and her first book “The Healing Of The 1lb Baby” was published in November 2014. The book captured the attention of the media in the UK and the USA.



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