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15/09-Open For Change with Michael Lavigne

Conscious Business Conversations Hosted by Pamela Lynch guest Michael Lavigne

It is an honour to bring Michael Lavigne on the show today. Our conversation ranges from his five week trip to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand where he was transformed to his mission to bring awareness to make sustainable change to the importance of hugs. Michael talks about Open for Change Enterprises and the extraordinary impact he and his team has had on our community.

Michael is a change-agent, and the CEO & Co-Founder Open For Change Enterprises Inc.

OFC is a for-profit social enterprise committed to creating a united community that empowers people to make sustainable change.


His online social platform invites members to make change in their communities by contributing their time and money to credible social organizations. Membership fees from their platform are multiplied and redistributed to the causes their members want to support. OFC is committed to giving two-thirds of the profit back to society, because we believe in people and planet, before profit.

You can reach Michael through

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