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15/09 I Believe in the Living Fractals Vision.

Airing March 3rd -9th on Ask Sara with Sara Troy

Belief is a magnificent thing when what you believe in comes together. It has taken some time, some redirects, some headaches even heart aches but when belief is that strong it will manifest and it has.

Living Fractals has launched it pre-subscription to Believers who wish to become life time members of Life Fractals.

If you have not already viewed the video above, please take 3 minutes of your time and watch it before you read on.

We all want to live more purposeful, meaningful and productive lives. Living Fractals is in the process of building an online community called the “Game of Living Fractals” where relationships are built on improving the quality of each other’s lives by being able to quickly connect and socially interact with other like minded people. In addition the “Game of Living Fractals” incorporates several essential and easy to use online tools that enable people…

  1. To make more informed choices in life.

  2. To build more purposeful, meaningful and productive relationships

  3. To play a more effective role in assisting others to fulfill their Dreams, Inspirations, Visions and Aspirations in life.

  4. To support Living Fractals humanitarian initiatives that are working to transform the world into one where everyone has Liberty, Independence, Freedom, and Equality

Living Fractals invests 50c from every dollar we make into growing the Living Orchard were we invest in people to live a life of Liberty, Independence Freedom and Equality. /living-orchard/

PLV Radio is the voice of Living Fractals and Living Orchard bringing you people and organizations who are making a difference in peoples lives because they Believe.


Faith & Belief

  1. It takes a lot of faith and belief to make a commitment to invest your time and money into something new and unknown.  For placing your trust in Living fractals to deliver on their promises, each Founding G.O.L.F. Member will receive a “Lifetime” membership. This is the one and only time Living fractals will ever offer lifetime memberships. Anyone who joins the Game of Living Fractals after June 30, 2015 will pay $10 per month.

By now you are probably asking yourself how much is this going to cost you?

The answer is $50 US for a life time membership. For more on what this means to you and to sign up go to the-joy-of-fractal-living

More on Sara and her Positive Living Vibrations shows go to positive-living-vibrations/

Upcoming and past shows and more on Sara go to /ask-sara/

Plus our new channel Their Story Matters  go to -their-story-matters/ where we will be highlighting the peoples and organizations who are making a difference.


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