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15/07Ask Sara about Quotes for the day:

Aired from February 17th on, “Ask Sara” with Sara Troy .

Quotes for the day that helps us with our day. 

I do not have to know every thing but know those that know something. Sara T.

  1. If I am willing to comprehend a little I open up to knowing a lot.

  2. If I stay in the willing to love life mode I will draw to me love in all areas of my life.

  3. My life is a projection of my inner self, peace with in is truth but inner turmoil is outer chaos.

  4. Seek to live in inner harmony at all times so one can project and invite harmonious interaction without.

  5. Do not feed the past but only fuel the future.

  6. Your value of life today is in how you respond to your every day, look to enjoy it instead of bitching about it.

  7. No matter the pain inside, embrace your self in order to embrace life, with that the pain will melt away because you can’t have pain where there is so much love.

  8. If we could only remember that love that was so strong and that took you to such heights we would not fall or despair ever again, because to have known such deep love is to know Gods embrace and never feel alone ever again.

  9. Don’t feed the pain fuel the love.

  10. When you can see it in your minds eye, feel it in your heart believe it with your soul, you then you can make it happen.

  11. But it is essential that you surround your self with like minded people for the energy needed to take flight, believe whole heartedly in order to make it happen live in no doubt.

  12. Written by Sara Troy

See with your ears                                                                                                                                   Speak with your Eyes Listen with your Mouth Bill Mackie.



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