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15/05 Ask Sara about Manifesting Mexico

Airing from February 3rd on, Ask Sara with Sara Troy 

I was laying in bed dreaming of swimming in the sea and having a private pool right outside my sunny door getting away from the hustle and bustle of life. The very next day my dearest friend Jan called me up and said “I am taking you to Mexico for a belated birthday gift”, no lie this happened.

One moment I am dreaming of it, the next it is happening, a part from being the most wonderful gift a friend has ever given me, it is amazing in what way the universe grants our desires. Jan is my biggest advocate, she has supported me through thick and thin for years, always been the one to be there for me for my ups and downs, believing in me even when I had doubts, she is the picture of a true friend.

So off to Mexico I go and swim my heart out and dream some more of what is to come.


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