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15/03 Hope Through Separation with Robert Milen

Airing January 20th-26th on Conscious Business with Pamlea Lynch and her guest Robert Milen

S6-W3S6-W3-Hope Through Separation

Rob shares with us the single most common reason marriages break up and the first step he recommends couples take once they’ve decided to separate. He explains mediation and the roles various people, such as divorce coaches, counsellors, mediators, and lawyers, have in helping to guide a couple through the separation and divorce process.

Robert A. Milen has extensive knowledge of legislative and political processes, conflict resolution, mediation, project leadership and management, to name a few areas of expertise. Robert is a Barrister and Solicitor for British Columbia and owns and operates his private law practice where he specializes in Collaborative Family Law.


Rob readily extrapolates from his experiences the skills necessary to thoroughly address a wide variety of subjects pertinent to indigenous communities, governments and stakeholders.

To learn more about Rob, please email him at

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