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15/02 Ask Sara about The Energy of Fractal Life

Airing January 13th-19TH on Ask Sara with Sara Troy

The Energy of Life lies within us, how will you embrace your life’s energy this year?

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Every item, atom, thought, belief,  person, land, sky, water is energy. When we give positive energy in belief with love and CHOOSE to act in belief and love, we can make our life’s energy productive and purposeful in our own loves.

What kind of energy are you going to put out this year? How are you going to great this year? Where are you going to spend this energy? and How are you going to sustain this positive productive energy in your life?

I have an invitation to join us in the development of your own Fractal Social Network by playing your “Game of Living Fractals” /living-orchard/d-i-v-a-discovery/

It starts with a belief, a positive thought, an open heart, and a very open mind. Invite your soul and heart to guide you to living in your energies truth this 2015 and with understanding of how you make your choices.


More on Sara and her Positive Living Vibrations shows go to positive-living-vibrations/

Upcoming and past shows and more on Sara go to /ask-sara/


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