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15/01 Writing, publishing and promoting a book.

Airing January 6th-12th on The Writers Divine Den with Jackie VanCampen and her guest Anna Weber.

In this rich and informative interview with my guest Anna Weber, you will get a glimpse of the world of publishing. Anna shares invaluable information and tips on navigating the myths and truths about publishing. You will gain much insight and perspective while Anna guides us through her library of knowledge. Get many of your questions answered, like what’s the difference between self-publishing and a publishing company; marketing strategies; digital versus print. A show not to be missed.

Anna Weber has spent over a decade working with authors and has found whether they are first timers or authors with experience, some common themes always emerge. Writing, publishing and promoting a book can be simple, but it is not easy.  She understands that the publishing process can be overwhelming, and knows that for most authors, the biggest fear is not even knowing where to begin in a process that feels immediately complicated and intimidating. Her greatest expertise is helping authors wisely navigate the publishing maze.

Anna’s information is edgy, current and creative!  Her support as a Literary Strategist helps create powerfully effective MAPS (Motivated Action Plans) and her publication, Giving You the Edge, provides tools, tips, techniques, best “your book as a business” practices and industry resources. Her tele-classes and webinars, based on her unique Wisdom Circle format, have the potential to open you to publishing resources not otherwise available.

Of the clients who have utilized Anna as a Literary Strategist, many came to her… frustrated, lost, not knowing where to turn, afraid of being taken advantage of, or uncertain about how to even get started. They subsequently achieved the dream of becoming accomplished, recognized authors, sharing their message with the world by putting their Voices in Print.  She took them from that point where they simply imagine sitting at home with a published book in their hands, to the reality of feeling the personal pride that comes with having completed the journey.

Although Anna Weber serves the publishing/promotion needs of authors in the Phoenix Metro area, she has clients that span the globe.  A clothing designer for 17 years, Anna comes to the table with a keen edge on creativity.  She also served as a Bar-Certified Paralegal for close to a decade and upon receiving her Master’s in Organizational Management, has combined her creativity and analytics with some strong left-brained strategies and a deep understanding of human potential and the dynamics of change. She is a mother, proud of the accomplishments of her three children and her grandchildren and looking forward to sharing her life with her husband Robert Stearns, a childhood friend – travelling and sharing her wisdom with aspiring authors.



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