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15/01 Who are the Inspiring South Africans

Airing January 6th-12th on Inspiring South Africans with Heather de Wit

Says Heather – “First and foremost ‘Inspiring South Africans’ was created to honour the legacy of our belated and beloved Nelson Mandela – To keep his dream for South Africa alive and to drive it forward by showcasing on my shows, formidable people and organizations in and out of South Africa, who are ‘doing it’ with purpose and focused on the healing of the people and the planet.

Africa needs to heal and South Africa is a magnificent country, with many possibilities and it’s future lies with the people.

My mission is to spark a desire in people to awaken to or continue their journey of the healing of the self, from the mosaic of remarkable stories I am gathering and sharing.

Heal the People > Heal the Planet.

Featured people and organizations could be in many industry genres e.g.

>Humanitarians>Philanthropists>Anthropologists>Archaeologists>Coaches>Healers> Visionaries>Writers>Environmentalists>Adventurers>Community Upliftment organizations … >People in the Sports arena … >People in the Performing Arts and all other genres that form a part of The Arts

All I know is that ‘Inspiring South Africans’ is bigger than I … Yay – Enjoy !  “

Tune in here for Instant listening January 6th 

For More on Heather and her shows go to.


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