15/01 Who are the Inspiring South Africans

Airing January 6th-12th on Inspiring South Africans with Heather de Wit

15.01 ISA Collage

Africa needs to heal and South Africa is a magnificent country, with many possibilities and it’s future lies with the people.

My mission is to spark a desire in people to awaken to or continue their journey of the healing of the self, from the mosaic of remarkable stories I am gathering and sharing.

Heal the People > Heal the Planet.

Featured people and organizations could be in many industry genres e.g.

>Humanitarians>Philanthropists>Anthropologists>Archaeologists>Coaches>Healers> Visionaries>Writers>Environmentalists>Adventurers>Community Upliftment organizations … >People in the Sports arena … >People in the Performing Arts and all other genres that form a part of The Arts

All I know is that ‘Inspiring South Africans’ is bigger than I … Yay – Enjoy !  “

Tune in here for Instant listening January 6th 

For More on Heather and her shows go to. http://plv-radio.com/inspiring-south-africans/


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